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Investing in success through tailored job placements

Welcome to our employment services, where we're dedicated to helping individuals find fulfilling and rewarding career opportunities. With personalized support, skills training, and job placement assistance, we empower individuals to achieve their professional goals and contribute meaningfully to their communities

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Benefits Couseling

Our Benefits Counseling service provides personalized guidance and support to individuals pursuing or already engaged in employment. Our experienced counselors help navigate complex benefit systems, offering insights on how employment may affect benefits like SSDI, SSI, Medicaid, and Medicare. We also assist in accessing accommodations and health insurance options, ensuring individuals make informed decisions to maintain financial stability while pursuing their career goals.


Employment Supports Manager

"Dedicated to transforming aspirations into reality, we're committed to providing tailored employment opportunities that empower individuals to thrive in their careers, one step at a time!"

Kelly Altemose, Employment Supports Manager

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