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In-Home Community Supports

Embracing strength within our community

Explore our comprehensive community support services tailored for individuals with diverse needs. With a focus on inclusivity and empowerment, our professional team provides personalized assistance and resources, fostering a sense of belonging and facilitating active participation in the community

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Community Participation Supports

Residential Habilitation services are direct and indirect services provided to individual in a Licensed Residential setting. This service is built on the principle that every participant has the capacity to engage in lifelong learning that will allow an individual to acquire , maintain, and/or improve skills necessary to live in the community, to live more independently, and to participate meaningfully in community life. Services consist of assistance, support and guidance in the general areas of selfcare, health maintenance, decision making, home management, managing person resources, communication mobility and transportation, relationship development and socialization, personal adjustment, participation in community functions and activities and use of community resources.


KZL provides comprehensive assistance and oversight to individuals in various daily activities, including meal preparation, laundry, and shopping. However, rather than directly engaging in these tasks, KZL offers guidance and supervision to ensure the individual's needs are met efficiently and effectively. Additionally, KZL may undertake light housekeeping duties that are ancillary to the primary focus of care and supervision. By offering support without directly performing tasks, KZL promotes independence while maintaining a safe and nurturing environment for those under their care.

Housing and Tenancy Sustaining

This service includes pre-tenancy and housing sustaining supports to assist participants in being successful tenants in private homes owned, rented or leased by the participants. Services include conducting a tenant screening and housing assessment that identifies the participant’s preferences and barriers related to successful tenancy., developing an individualized housing support plan, assisting with the process of searching for an applying for housing, and identifying resources to cover housing expenses.

Director of In-Home & Community 

"Building bridges in our communities, where every connection fosters belonging, support, and a shared journey toward brighter horizons"

Jeff Fraser, Director of In-Home & Community

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